Thinking Of Vaping? Learn About Making Your Own Flavors

If you have heard good things about vaping, you may wonder what it is. You may also wonder if there are ways that you can customize it so that you can better enjoy yourself. 


Instead of smoke from tobacco, people who are vaping use a small vaporizer that heats up some e-liquid or e-juice. When the device heats up the liquid, it creates a water vapor that people then inhale. It may look like smoke, but it's closer to steam than it is to smoke. The vaporizer generally resembles a cigarette and is also called an e-cigarette. It has a small reservoir for the liquid, a battery operated atomizer, and a tip.


The e-juice itself is tobacco free. It can be nicotine free for people who aren't interested in the hit of nicotine. They are also generally flavored. It is really easy to change out the bottles for the e-juice so you can change the flavors. The juice comes in a wide range of flavors, everything from candy to fruit and even liquor or cocktails. Someone who is wanting to try out flavors can find a lot in various vaping supply stores, or they can try making their own, which is very easy to do, even people who are just getting into vaping should have no problem making their own. 

DIY E-Juice

E-juice is made up of just a few ingredients. Those are nicotine, a carrier or base fluid, and a flavor. You can skip the nicotine if you want. The carrier fluids that are generally used are either propylene glycol, PG, or vegetable glycol, VG. You need to have the carrier or base fluids because both the nicotine and the flavoring agent are highly concentrated and without the carrier fluid, which also acts a dilutant, you would be overwhelmed by the other ingredients. Both PG and VG are perfectly safe to be used in a vaping setting. The biggest difference between the two of them is that VG is a little thicker and is somewhat sweeter. That means that you will need to do some experimentation when you are creating your own flavor because the nicotine and the base fluid will affect your final product. You may also find when you really get into making your own e-juice that you may get different results from different flavor makers even if they are both the same flavor. One company's cherry flavor may be more intense than another company's, so you will have to adjust that way. 

There are a lot of people who are into vaping, and they like being able to individualize their experiences with DIY juice