Three Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Pipe

A glass pipe can be a convenient, attractive, and durable option for those that enjoy smoking. However, it is a reality that these pipes can become extremely dirty, and this can alter the taste of the smoke as well as your ability to easily inhale through the pipe. Luckily, there are a few simple household items that can help you to ensure that your glass pipe is as clean as possible.

Grease Removing Soap

One of the first steps in cleaning the pipe will be to thorough wash the exterior. Unfortunately, tobacco can leave a residue that is difficult to remove. For this reason, you should use a grease removing soap for this part of the process. By thoroughly washing the bowl and mouthpiece, you will be able to remove the vast majority of this residue.  


While a grease removing soap can be highly effective for cleaning the exterior of the pipe, it will be very difficult to clean the interior of the pipe. You may think that it will be impossible to remove the grease from the interior of the pipe, but you can do this by soaking the pipe in rubbing alcohol. Typically, you will need to soak the pipe in rubbing alcohol for several hours in order to achieve the best results. For pipes that are extremely dirty, you may need to soak the pipe several times to remove all of the residue from its interior. After you soak the pipe in the alcohol, you will need to ensure that you thoroughly rinse the pipe to remove any of the alcohol. Otherwise, it may leave an unpleasant taste when you are smoking.

Cotton Swabs

While soap and rubbing alcohol can be very effective at cleaning the pipe, it is likely that there will be small amounts of residue left. To remove these substances, you will want to use a cotton swab. These swabs are small enough to be inserted into the pipe, which will make it easy to remove any remaining residue. After swabbing the interior of the pipe, you should rinse it again to remove any cotton fibers that were left behind.

If you use a glass pipe frequently, you will likely find that it needs to be regularly cleaned to keep it tasting good and working smoothly. By understanding that greasing removing soaps, rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs, you will be in a much better position to ensure that your smoking experience is always as pleasant as possible.